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Research Industrial Projects

Design of Absorption, Desorption and Distillation Columns                                                           

2 -- Simulation of Distillation and Absorption Packed Columns Using Experimental Data                                     

3 -- Desulfurization of   Coal

4 -- Xylene Recovery from Solvent in Isfahan Steel Cooperation

5 -- Improving the Absorption Efficiency of Benzol Scrubber

6 -- Design  of Coal Gasifier

7 --- Investigation on Possible Reduction of Residue in Chemical By-products     


8 --- Study of Different Technologies  in Mercaptane Removal from Gas Stream

9 --  Desulfurization of Tabas Coals

10 --  Simulation of South Pars Gas Refinery Plant

11 --  Investigation on Improving the Separation Efficiency of Solid particles from    Gas Stream in Gas Station Inlet Scrubber

12 - Use of Molecular Sieves or Merax in Removing Mercaptans from Ggas Streams

13 - Software Development for Process Design of Relief System and Flare and Drain system   and Burn Pit

14 - Software Development for Process Simulation of Slug Catcher

15 - Study on Kinetic of Mercaptans Removal Existing in Gasoline of Visbreaker Unit by Using Merox Catalyst in Alkaline Solution of the Merox Reactor Unit

16- Experimental Study on Sorbent Preparation for Desulphurization from Tail Gas Oxidizer using Metal Oxide Sorbents

17- Preparation and Characterization Catalyst for OCM Reaction with Mn Catalysts

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